Tomorrow is Hamid Ali Bela death annivesary who died in 2001, (no one is exactly sure of when he was born) was one of those voices of which Pakistan seems to have an endless supply – the wandering, singing dervish.

A singer with a sound that seems to have sprouted organically from the dark loamy soil along the wide river banks.

“EVIL SCHOOLING SYSTEM IN PAKISTAN” Written By ,, Muhhammad Nadeem Bhatti

A son of Punjab, he appears to have had little, if any, formal training in the art of singing. And yet he simply mesmerises you with his richly spiritual, commanding and often, spine-tingling performances.In my estimation, his voice is one of the most moving and passionate ever to come out of Pakistan. That his music is hardly appreciated or available, even within present-day Pakistan, is a cultural crime.


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