Shahida Latif’s Book Quaid-e-Azam “A Biography… A History” is published

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Most famous, Poet, Writer and Journalist, honored with Pride of Performance “Shahida Latif’s” book Quaid-e-Azam a Biography…. A History, has been published. Earlier 16 books of Shahida Latif had already been published out of which 9 books are of poetry, beside classic, currant affairs and novels have contributed in the field of literature and have also been given appreciation, respected Khawaja Haider Director Quaid-e-Azam Academy has expressed his view in writing that women have very small contribution on this subject rather it in equal to zero and now after one hundred years, Shahida Latif has done this great job.

The book is a complete biography of Quaid. Famous Scholar Professor Shafiq-ur_Rehman Elahabadi Head of Urdu Department Government College Mailsi, in the opening of the book has mentioned that Shahida Latif successfully and very intelligently has written this book which is to be given a great regards and appreciation, as the writer has explained the detail of struggle for independence of Pakistan.Famous writer Mahmood Akhtar has given his view that the book on the subject is the first book ever written by a lady writer, and this book will provide complete knowledge which is a very big credit and has given historic image to Shahida Latif. Great scholar and writer Dr. S.M Moien Qurashi with reference to the book has expressed that it in an addition to literature, the book is also a history.Writers scholars have also extended great appreciation to the book and efforts made by Shahida Latif, they have titled the book as an historic and different achievement.

The book comprises of more than one hundred subjects which includes family details, travel to London and return, Politics, 14 points, Round Table conferences, Muslim League, Congress, Crips Mission, Kashmir, Gandhi Talks, Shimla Conferences, demand for Pakistan etc… and efforts is made to bring all these events together, National and International speaches which will provide lesson to know the importance of independence and how it is achieved. Shahida Latif in her preface states that after 27 years of her efforts, she at last could complete the book and is of the view that on the basis of two nation theory India shall also be thankful to our Quaid-e-Azam for the independence of India as well, otherwise Hindus would remain slaves which mentality the Hindus are still following, she further states that after independence of Pakistan, our Quaid declared that Muslims and Hindus will live like friendly neighbours.

Shahida Latif has dedicated the preamble of the book in the name of Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah, who throughout lived step by step with her brother. Book has the title picture of Quaid-e-Azam and on back page Shahida Latif’s picture with Pakistani flag and two verses of tribute to Quaid is given. The book contains 496 pages and the price of book is Rs-1500/= which amount is immaterial considering the value of the book.