Priyanka Gandhi Seeks Probe Against U.P. Police Action

General Secretary of India’s Opposition congress Priyanka Gandhi Today sought a probe into the Uttar Pradesh Police’s action against people who participated in protests over the amended Citizenship Law.

She alleged the up police have been arresting and naming innocent people, who had nothing to do with the protests.

Speaking to reporters Gandhi said my safety is not a big issue… We are talking about the safety of Citizens,” she told reporters.

She said there is no place for enmity, violence and revenge in India.

A high-voltage Drama unfolded in Lucknow on Saturday evening as the congress leader gave a slip to Police to reach the residence of retired Police officer, arrested in connection with the recent protests.

Later, Gandhi said she was manhandled by cops. The congress leader further said the Police surrounded her, held by the throat by a Female cop and pushed by another female cop.

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