Nations in the world prosper and excel under the  visionary leadership. In most of such cases in the history we have seen only one leader uplifted the downtrodden to the heights of fame and name. Kazakhstan is lucky that it has two such leaders who have the depth of knowledge of the issues and problems of their countrymen. Further they have evolved the strategies and designed the road maps to the solutions.

Inaugural address of the second President H.H Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is the expression of his strong will and wish to transform the nation and the country in accordance with the guidelines of long term strategy of the first President H.H Noor Sultan. The guidelines cover the wide range of matters and issues including the well being of a common citizen to the relations of the country with the world community. 

Third Modernization in Kazakhstan, Five Institutional reforms and other important strategic state projects need strong political commitment with complete focus on the tasks to do. Present composition of the government seems to have that pre-requisites if we see the smooth transfer of power and free,fair elections of the President couple of weeks ago. Both the leaders are on one page for the betterment of the country. 

President H.H Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has identified economic, social and political progress as correct response that depicts his preparedness on what to do when he assumes the charge. Diagnosis is the first step towards the treatment. It means the President knows where he has to do what, when and how. 

Experts of Sociology and Civic Sciences say that successful state is that whose citizen take interest in its affairs and every citizen must have his own roof in the country. Internationally, a country receives more prestige and business when it has no dispute with neighboring nations and welcomes all to work with. Kazakh leaders priorities the rights and needs of the citizens and follow international norms in their policies.

This plan of action will certainly attach every citizen with the state and the government. The President threw light on directions in the national action #BIRGE given by the First President. These include Increasing the population’s income,eradication of corruption,reform of the judicial and law enforcement systems,creation of new jobs and provision of decent wages,solving the housing problem,fair social policy,new guidelines for regional development,foreign policy and the year of youth 2019. 

The elected President carry a vast experience of working at administrative level and foreign diplomacy as well. He has been very close to the first president in all major projects of transformation of the Kazakh society and the state. Therefore , the people of his country can expect the best from him during his tenure. 

Tazeen Akhtar 
Islamabad Pakistan
Editor Daily Azkaar 
Editor Monthly Pakistan in the World 
Analyst Current Affairs @ Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation



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