We respect everyone .I was thinking that how I describe the muslim  responsibility .So  now I am doing that in my own words.In this time hole of the word muslims  are in trouble .I feel that if we follow islam we obey the law of islam with honesty .If ALLAH willing we will be happy and in peace.We forgote their religious education and preaching .

In this article I will give you a message in point .Nobody have time so short and meaning full thoughts will help full for you.

Fulfill the five pillars of Islam.

Read the Qur’an

offer Pray

Donate time

Donate money

Stand up for yourself and other Muslims

Contribute to your community

Respect your Parents

Remembrance of Allah 

Sit in the Company of Good Muslims

Be Kind to Others:

Forgive Others

stablish an Islamic Culture in the Home

Should try to go Mosque

Keep away from debates and arguments

Gain a connection to the Arabic language

Understand Islam’s organic nature

Stay away from extremism.


Many many other things are also .But some basics which I wrote here.I hope if you perfom these points in your life .Try 1st

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  1. mr zahoor danish thank you.i am jacob from london.very inspire from this writing.we thought about muslim that all muslims are here is verry soft pic of muslim


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